PU Foam Filling Machine

a). Simple, Safe and Reliable
Only 1 operator, driven by compressor air, no need electric

b). High Efficiency and Flexible
Filling Capacity, 800-1300 cans/ hour; Small size,strong energy

c). Multipurpose
Multi-Purpose Machine, filling different products

d). Hyperdynamic
All machine using new horizontal booster pump, efficient and stable

e). Perfect after-sales service
Life-long service for every customer

f). High Precision and High Automation
Low investment, high return business

Product Description

Semi Automatic PU Foam Filling Machine

Semi automatic PU foam filling machine mainly consists of 2 liquid filling machine, 1 sealing machine, 2 gas filling machine and 1 swing vibration machine, designed at independent working table. It needs 1 operator, driven by compressor air, no need electric, safe and reliable. This machine has high efficiency, high precision and high automation features. Low investment, high return business.

Product display

PU Foam Filling Machine

Product parameter

Technical Parameters

Product Name 

Semi Automatic PU Foam Filling Machine

Product Style

Independent style (5 working tables)

Product Brand


Liquid filling Capacity 

750 -1000 cans/hour  (According to filling volume)

Sealing Capacity

3600 cans/hour

Gas Filling Capacity

1500 - 2000 cans/hour

Liquid Filling Volume

300g,450g,500g,600g,650g,700g,750g,800g, 850,900g, (optional)

Liquid Filling Accuracy


Gas Filling Accuracy


Working Pressure

0.5 Mpa -0.7 Mpa

Max. Air Consumption

1m⊃3;/min, 7.5kw/10HP

Application Can Diameter

57mm, 65mm, 70mm, 80mm

Application Can Height

85mm - 330mm


PU Foam Filling Machine

Step 1, the first and second persons needs to operate semi automatic liquid filling machine to fill white material and black material.

Step 2, when the first step is completed, the third person start to operate semi automatic sealing machine to seal the cans.

Step 3, when the second step is completed, the fourth and fifth person start to operate semi automatic gas filling machine to fill DME gas and LPG gas.

Step 4, all finished products must be fully mixed and evenly mixed.

Simple and Efficiency, Men and Women Both Can Operate.

Product Details

High-quality, high-quality stainless steel material

PU Foam Filling Machine
PU Foam Filling Machine
PU Foam Filling Machine
PU Foam Filling Machine
PU Foam Filling Machine
PU Foam Filling Machine

Product Application

PU Foam Filling Machine

Production Scenes

PU Foam Filling Machine

Division of Labor Cooperation

PU Foam Filling Machine

PU Foam Filling Machine

PU Foam Filling Machine

Reliable Packaging

After-sales Service

Supply Ability services:

30 sets/month, because we have a professional team, professional equipment and senior engineers with clear division of labor from cutting, CNC, assembly, commissioning, testing, packaging and other processes.

Teaching services:

Our engineers will teach your staff to operate the PU foam filling machine during the period of installation and commissioning, and they will not leave until your staff can operate it properly and normally when it necessary.

Training services:

Our company offer technology training to customer. The content of training is structure and maintenance of equipments, control and operation of PU foam filling machine. Training is in the workshop of supplier or customer. Seasoned technician will guide and establish training outline. After training, the technician of buyer could master the operation and maintenance, could adjust the process and treat different failures.

Warranty time:

Semi automatic PU foam filling machine is guaranteed for one year free that we provide spare components except the wrong operation or damaged by people on purpose.


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