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Precautions for portable oxygen cylinders

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Precautions for  portable oxygen cylinders

1. Filling with oxygen must go to a legal medical oxygen filling station.

2. It is strictly forbidden to tilt the humidifier.

3. The use environment temperature should not exceed 40℃.

4. The medical oxygen cylinder switch should be opened and closed slowly, and do not use excessive force.

5. Oxygen supply should not be contaminated with oil, collision, throwing, stay away from heat, fire and flammable and explosive materials, avoid direct sunlight, and do not stick adhesive plaster.

6. During non-use, the gas cylinder switch must be closed.

7. The oxygen pressure in the portable oxygen cylinders shall not be lower than 0.05MPa.

8. If the product fails, you can't continue to use it, or disassemble it at will, and contact the dealer in time.


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