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Product characteristics and filling process of aerosol filling machine

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Aerosol filling machine is a special kind of aerosol product production.Product features of aerosol filling machine:

1. It is designed for aerosol products in the pharmaceutical industry. The micro filling machine, automatic valve head machine, 20mm caliber grabbing machine, and micro inflator are designed on a workbench.

2. It is equipped with a rotary bottle unscrambler and a collection table, which greatly reduces the actual area of the equipment and realizes the optimization and upgrading of the work.

3. The equipment platen is made of 304 stainless steel, and the pharmaceutical and propellant contact materials are made of 316L, which meets the requirements of GMP.

4. All pneumatic components adopt branded parts, which are durable and have low failure rate.

The filling process of the Aerosol filling machine:

Turn on the liquid filling knob switch, the liquid metering cylinder double gas-controlled reversing valve reverses, the filling head valve is opened under the action of the small cylinder, and the upper cavity of the power cylinder of the liquid metering cylinder is aired in, the lower cavity is exhausted, and the power cylinder piston Push the piston of the liquid cylinder to press down, and inject the liquid in the liquid cylinder into the aerosol tank through the filling head. The piston of the power cylinder presses down to trigger the signal valve, and the output air pressure of the signal valve acts on the liquid metering cylinder double air-controlled directional valve to make Reversing, in turn, reverses the inlet and outlet directions of the small cylinder of the filling head and the power cylinder, closing the valve of the filling head, resetting the metering cylinder, and sucking the same amount of liquid from the container, waiting for the next filling.

The height of the positioning piston of the metering cylinder cylinder can be adjusted by rotating the adjustment knob on the top of the metering cylinder, thereby changing the stroke of the metering cylinder piston to finally change the


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