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Prospect prediction and wide application of aerosol filling machine

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Forecast of aerosol filling machine

After nearly 20 years of development, China has initially laid the foundation for the aerosol industry, and already has a professional team for aerosol production, research, development, and management, which can not only produce various types of commonly used aerosol products, but also develop A batch of products with Chinese characteristics have been launched. This increasingly mature and growing professional team has laid the intellectual foundation and strength for the further development of aerosols. Rapidly develop the market foundation, technical foundation and industrial foundation of the aerosol industry. China is one of the few countries with strong self-supporting capabilities, and the prospect of China's aerosol industry is bright. The aerosol filling machine is an indispensable part of the development of the aerosol industry. Its development is complementary to the development of the aerosol industry, and the common development and progress.

In the past 20 years, due to reform and opening up, China's economy has developed rapidly, and people's consumption level has been greatly improved, thus giving birth to China's aerosol industry. The young Chinese aerosol industry, adapted to the needs of the Chinese people who have just escaped poverty, is eager to improve their living conditions, and has produced insecticide aerosols, styling mousses, and air fresheners, which have been welcomed by the market. In the more than 10 years from the mid-1980s to the present, these three types of products account for about 75% to 80% of the total aerosol

With changes in social structure, economic development and increased consumption levels, the market has put forward new requirements for the aerosol industry. These requirements are driving changes in the aerosol product structure. In the process of adjusting the structure of aerosol products, some emerging and marketable products will be developed, and some temporarily blank areas will be gradually filled. Judging from the market situation in recent years, although the total amount of insecticide aerosols continues to increase, its share in aerosols has declined. Although the total amount of mousse is basically stable, its share has dropped from 35% to 20%, losing the first place in the product rankings. The dominance of insecticide aerosol and mousse products in the market is being reversed.

From the perspective of global aerosol production, China's aerosol market currently accounts for only 6-7% of the world, and it is this market that only accounts for 6-7% will provide huge development potential for aerosol companies at home and abroad. And business opportunities. From the perspective of the international market, there are no aerosol powers around China, which has created unique geographical conditions for China's expansion. In recent years, we have received letters from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, UAE and other countries, hoping to import aerosol filling machines or aerosol packaging and raw and auxiliary materials from China. Therefore, there is huge room for development in the entire international context.

Wide application of aerosol filling machine

In the past 10 years, China's automobiles and motorcycles have been increasing rapidly. For those who have just gotten rich, vehicles are an important asset, so they cherish it. These vehicles are mainly low- and mid-range, the quality of the fuel used is not satisfactory, and the road conditions in our country are extremely complex. These factors have stimulated the production of car care products. Today, products such as carburetor cleaners, starter fluids and car polishes have begun to flood the market, and many other aerosols for car care are under development. For families with improved living conditions and ever-increasing pace of life, not only insecticide aerosols are needed to deal with nasty insects, air fresheners to drive off unpleasant odors, but also the need to reduce the intensity of housework and increase efficiency. So far, China has not yet produced a large number of household aerosol products such as collar sizing agents, stain removers, stove cleaners and glass cleaners. Household aerosols including various cleaning aerosols will be launched in large quantities and welcomed .

With the increase of social contacts, people's concept of love and beauty has been strengthened, and they are no longer satisfied with hair styling, but hope to dye hair, brighten hair and nourish hair, hope to strengthen skin care, and beautify themselves better. In China, anti-perspirant deodorants, deodorants, and shaving foams are all in very small amounts. This has given a lot of room for development of personal care aerosols. China has large and busy construction sites, and high-quality, standard buildings require polyurethane foam aerosols, silicon caulks, and adhesives for construction aerosols. Through modernization and the popularization of electronic appliances, electronic nursing cleaning aerosols have emerged at the historic moment, and will grow rapidly. All of these will become a huge driving force for aerosol product structural adjustment.

However, the adjustment and upgrading of aerosol products are inseparable from the aerosol filling machine, and the research and development of each product requires continuous testing. Therefore, in order to cater to the development of aerosol products, aerosol filling equipment The range of applications is becoming wider and wider, from the previous daily chemical field, gradually expanding to industry, building materials, automobiles, medicine, cosmetics and so on.


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