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Selection Guide for Aerosol Filling Machine

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With the development of the aerosol industry, more and more people begin to invest in the aerosol industry. The choice of aerosol production equipment has become a problem, so how to choose a suitable high-quality aerosol filling machine Well, let's take a look at the purchasing skills of aerosol filling machines.

First determine the type of aerosol raw materials you produce, and select according to the type, because aerosol filling machines are divided into several types according to the raw materials, including gas filling machines, aerosol filling machines with liquid raw materials, and binary packaging gas Aerosol filling machine, polyurethane foam filling machine, etc. Such as cassette gas, refrigerant should choose gas filling machine, insecticide, air freshener, etc. should choose liquid aerosol filling machine, and medicine, food and cosmetics should choose binary packaging gas Foam filling machine, styrofoam is of course polyurethane foam filling machine.


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