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Selection method of aerosol can

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Aerosol cans are one of the important components of aerosol products, and they are also pressure-resistant containers. Because aerosol packaging products are convenient and fast in use and easy to store, more and more products are gradually being used. Aerosol packaging, aerosol cans are widely used in food, industry, daily use, cosmetics, medicine, car care and other fields.

So, if you choose to show the product in the form of aerosol packaging, we need to consider the packaging container, such as: material, iron or aluminum can, capacity, how many milliliters to fill, what gas to fill, and the solution on the tank Whether there is corrosion and so on. These are the issues that our application considers. We need to choose a suitable aerosol can according to the characteristics of the product. The following is a selection of aerosol cans.

First, the aerosol can is used as an important packaging container. In order to ensure its safety, it needs pressure resistance. The contents of aerosol cans are mostly chemical products, and they also need corresponding corrosion resistance. In addition, the tank needs to be matched with the air valve and plastic cover, so it needs to have matching performance. The appearance of the aerosol can is the appearance of the shelf on the product, so it must have high-quality and exquisite design and printing quality.

The main indicator of product safety is pressure resistance. The pressure resistance of an aerosol can refers to the ability of the aerosol can to withstand its internal pressure. Pressure resistance is measured by two indicators: deformation pressure and burst pressure. Deformation pressure refers to the pressure that is slowly applied to the aerosol can when it is permanently deformed. Bursting pressure refers to the pressure when the aerosol can continues to be slowly pressurized after the aerosol can is deformed, and when the aerosol can bursts. The national standard "Packaging Container 1998" stipulates that the deformation pressure of an aerosol can ≥ 1.2 MPa, ≥ 1.4 MPa.

The pressure resistance of tinplate aerosol cans and aluminum aerosol cans are compared. The test results show that the aluminum cans are better than the tinplate cans in deformation pressure and burst pressure. For sealing and safety, a temperature-controlled water bath at 50 ° C is used for pressure resistance experiments. When the internal pressure of the aerosol can is increased to 1.5 times, it is not deformable. The pressure resistance of aluminum cans is higher than that of iron cans, but the manufacturing process of aluminum cans is more complicated and expensive than iron cans.

The corrosion resistance of an aerosol can refers to the resistance of the inner wall of the aerosol can to the erosion of its dissolved substances. Both tinplate and aluminum cans can be used as aerosol products of dimethyl ether and other liquefied gases as propellants. The inner coating of tinplate cans is affected by the processing methods. Strong and durable. The transparent polyurethane coatings used on aluminum cans have good corrosion resistance. For corrosive products, you can also choose to use the form of binary packaging, an extra pouch in an iron can or aluminum can, the solution is in the pouch, and the propellant is between the can and the pouch. This way It is a new packaging method that is currently popular and widely used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, such as sunscreen sprays, nasal rinses, and so on.


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