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Selection skills of automatic spray paint filling machine

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Nowadays, the application range of self-painting is more and more extensive, including graffiti, car refinish paint, household refinishing paint, etc. However, for companies that produce self-painting, it is very important to choose what type of automatic spray paint filling machine . With the development of science and technology, most production companies now use mechanized filling instead of original manual operations, which can not only increase productivity, but also ensure product quality. Therefore, when choosing a self-spraying paint filling machine, we must consider many convenient factors. The degree of automation must be one of the factors we consider. The following editor will share with you the purchasing skills of the automatic spraying paint filling machine.

1. Equipment price

As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for," it's true. The price of the self-painting filling machine is determined by its function, configuration and material. When buying this device, we not only need to look at its technical parameters, but also the price that merchants are more concerned about. We need to know how much its approximate price differs from our own budget, and whether the price/performance ratio is in line with it.

2. Multiple uses

Companies purchasing self-painting filling machines must know the characteristics of your filling products, for example, the type of filling paint, whether it is a single color or a variety of colors. If the filling paint has more colors, it is recommended to configure multiple fillings. The head is used to fill different paint colors. Reduce the trouble of cleaning the filling head.

3. Field trip

Choosing a qualified and strong manufacturer, Shandong Quanfeng has been engaged in nearly 20 years, has its own design and research team, has its own professional technical personnel, and has a deep knowledge of automatic paint spraying and filling machines. Own factory, quality is guaranteed, you can buy and use with peace of mind.

4. Look at the price/performance ratio

Don't blindly look at the price of the spray paint filling machine. The price alone does not explain the problem. We should evaluate a number of comparisons before making a purchase. Realize real value for money. The performance indicators of the self-painting filling machine include: degree of automation, stability, filling speed, accurate filling capacity, convenient operation, easy cleaning and so on.

5. After-sales service

We must master the big aspects and pay more attention to the details. We must consider every detail of the after-sales service of the automatic spray paint filling machine, which is a very critical issue. If there is no perfect after-sales service, do not buy it. The later equipment fails and the failure of after-sales will directly affect the product quality and production guarantee. There may also be some extra consumption. Therefore, the perfect after-sales service can after we purchase the automatic paint spraying and filling machine, there is no need to worry about some details that will affect our normal work and bring unnecessary problems to the company. Loss.


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