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Several problems in the production of styrofoam aerosol filling machine

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With the continuous development of the construction industry and transportation, the consumption of styrofoam has been increasing year by year. In recent years, the automobile industry has continued to grow, providing a broad market for the development of polyurethane styrofoam. The market demand for polyurethane Styrofoam aerosol filling machine has become more and more extensive, and a large number of small and medium businesses have begun to join the production of styrofoam.


If you want to know the profit of producing styrofoam, you must know its cost, including polyurethane styrofoam filling equipment, raw materials, that is, the price of white material, black material, dimethyl ether and propylene butane, and cans (Tank body, valve and color spray on tank body), packaging, wages of production workers and workshops, etc. The most important raw material is the price of white materials. According to different grades, it is divided into high, middle and low grades, high-end prices are around 9 yuan a bottle, and mid-to-low-end prices are around 5-6 yuan. If you master the technology of blending white materials or the aerosol filling machine manufacturer can provide the technology of styrofoam production formula, then you can save a lot of cost.

Many people who want to enter this industry usually have a question, that is, is it safe to produce styrofoam? Polyurethane Styrofoam aerosol filling machine is filled with chemical substances in the filling production process, among which the gas propane butane and dimethyl ether are also combustible gases. But there is no need to worry. While we provide styrofoam filling equipment for safe production, we also help with the rational layout of the plant, and help safe gas filling through air compressors and desiccants. And in the production process, no open flames are allowed, and there is a good ventilation environment.

How should we choose a styrofoam aerosol filling machine? When we choose a product, we are not only concerned about the quality of the product, price, and after-sales service are equally important. At present, there are mainly two types of styrofoam filling equipment on the market: imported and domestic. Imported equipment has higher performance, but the price is much higher than that of domestic equipment. Many start-ups cannot afford such high equipment costs. The domestic Styrofoam aerosol filling machine is also constantly absorbing foreign technology and using foreign core components to produce high-quality filling machines. In addition, many companies do not produce a single product. At this time, whether the equipment can achieve multi-functional production is particularly important.

 A good after-sales service. From Styrofoam aerosol filling machine, production formula, plant layout, machine installation, and one-year free maintenance and life-long maintenance, one-stop service guarantees the smooth production of products.


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