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Steps and precautions for installation of aerosol filling machine

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The installation steps and precautions of the aerosol filling machine are as follows:

1. Check the accessories carefully and read the instructions carefully

After unpacking, first check whether the random technical information is complete, this is for the smooth installation, and then check whether the machine is damaged during the transportation process, and if the damaged machine appears, contact the manufacturer in time for replacement In this way, the problem can be solved in time, and the problem of the machine can be avoided after the installation is completed. Then find out the manual of the machine. The operator should read the manual carefully before installing it for the first time. Reading the manual is helpful for the installation of the aerosol filling machine, because the manual will briefly explain the general installation steps of the filling machine, and the manual will mark some points that need attention during installation or use, so that you can Reduce some installation or operation errors.

2. Check the environment of the computer room

For the normal use of the machine, first check the environment of the machine room, etc., and check whether the ventilation and dust-proof facilities in the machine room are good: then check the power supply equipment in the machine room to check whether the power supply voltage and current of the equipment meet the requirements. Requirements: Check whether the installation site is clean and tidy, and there are no piles of debris; whether the cables and power cords connected between the installation equipment and other equipment are intact, and whether these wires are broken.

3. Install and add new lubricating oil to each lubrication point

Install and adjust the feeding and discharging components according to the instructions, and add new lubricating oil to the lubrication points.


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