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Structural characteristics of aerosol filling production line

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Aerosol products require special filling production lines for filling. With the development of society and the needs of the industry, fully automatic aerosol filling production lines are widely used, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also save labor. The existing semi-automatic aerosol filling equipment is gradually replaced because of its relatively simple structure and low output, requiring a large amount of labor.

The automatic aerosol filling production line is composed of bottle sorting table, automatic filling machine, automatic valve filling machine, automatic sealing and inflating machine, automatic weighing and removing, water leak detection, automatic nozzle filling machine, automatic capping machine Composed of upper inkjet printer and sealed packaging. The following editors give you a brief introduction to the structural features of important components of the aerosol automatic production line.

The bottle sorting table is composed of multiple flat-top conveyor belts, one of which is connected to the conveyor belt of the production line and runs in the same direction. The principle of differential motion is used to form a can, squeeze, and can. The filling speed is kept in sync with the tank feeding speed, and will not cause the aerosol cans to squeeze each other and damage the paint and gloss of the can body surface.

The automatic filling machine includes a liquid injection nozzle, a clamping plate, a telescopic rod and a driving device. One end of the clamping plate clamps the liquid injection nozzle and the other end is detachably fixed to the telescopic rod. The driving device is provided at the bottom of the telescopic rod and drives A telescopic rod is provided with a sleeve on the telescopic rod, and the sleeve and the telescopic rod adopt a gap fit. The sleeve is fixed to the frame, a roller is provided at the bottom of the telescopic rod, and a spring is also connected to the bottom of the telescopic rod and the sleeve. The telescopic rod below the holding plate is also provided with a steering device. The cam mechanism is used to realize the intermittent movement of the liquid injection nozzle, the impact is small, and the operation is stable; the conversion device provided on the telescopic rod can switch the position of the clamping plate, can adapt to different production lines, and improve the versatility of the equipment.

The automatic valve machine is divided into core valve and coreless valve. The cored valve is selected by the turntable and transported by the pipeline. The air is used as the power to send the valve to the valve machine configuration of the automatic production line. The coreless valve is selected by the vibrating disk and guided by the guide rail. Sealing quality, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

The automatic sealing inflator includes a frame, a turntable, a sealing device, an inflation device, and a positioning device. The positioning device includes a sensor, a relay, and a positioning cylinder. The sensor is located on the frame and above the turntable. Directly facing the middle and upper part of the turntable, the sensor, the relay, and the positioning cylinder are electrically connected in sequence. The top of the frame is provided with an adjustment slot. The inflation device is movably installed in the adjustment slot through a mounting seat. The induction of the sensor, controlled by the relay, causes the positioning cylinder to tightly position the aerosol can, preventing the aerosol can from moving during the inflation process and causing defective products, which reduces the defective rate of the equipment and improves production effectiveness.

The automatic weighing rejection machine adopts stable and sensitive weighing sensors and signal acquisition instruments, uses PLC for high-speed calculation processing, and is equipped with an intuitive and humanized man-machine interface. The well-designed transmission conveyor mechanism has simple operation and stability. Good, fast response, high precision and other advantages, is a good choice for aerosol can product testing.

The water area leak detector automatically enters the aerosol product after filling into the water tank, and the water temperature of the water tank is controlled at 55 degrees (electric heating or steam heating): soaking the aerosol product in warm water can detect the Leakage, sealing quality of the machine, etc., safe production.

The above is the introduction of the structural characteristics of the fully automatic aerosol filling production line, I hope to help everyone.



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