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Structure and filling method of cosmetic filling machine

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Filling machinery plays an extremely important role in industrial production and is widely used in food, chemical, cosmetics, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries. The world's first commercial filling machine was born in the late 19th century. The application of filling machine has promoted the development of productivity and improved the quality and efficiency of filling. Various industries have also developed filling equipment in line with their own production requirements. , The function is more and more perfect. From the beginning, the single filling has evolved into a multifunctional filling control technology that integrates the functions of bottle feeding, filling, inspection, capping, and packaging.

There are various types of cosmetics, different types, and different production processes. In cosmetics, there are a large number of paste types. After a series of treatments, the finished products are developed using color paste insulation and stirring processes. In recent years, my country's cosmetics filling control technology has developed in the direction of automation. On the same equipment, it has been able to complete multiple tasks at the same time.

The common structure of the cosmetic filling machine is based on the feeding method of the filling bottle, including linear filling machine and rotating disc filling machine.

The linear filling machine uses a linear conveyor belt to arrange cosmetic filling bottles in a row, push the bottle plate to push the filling bottle forward, and push it under the filling tube. After the filling is completed, enter the next one Process.

The structure of the rotary disc filling machine adopts a disc turntable. On the turntable, a corresponding filling bottle station is set. The conveyor is responsible for sending the filling bottle into the station to complete the filling. After the filling is completed, Once again, the filled bottles will be sent to the conveying and loading mechanism to enter the next process.

Considering the differences in the chemical and physical properties of the filling materials, in order to ensure the consistency of the filling products, it is necessary to adopt a filling method consistent with it. There are several types of commonly used filling methods:

Atmospheric pressure filling method: Atmospheric pressure filling method is also called pure gravity method. Under normal pressure, the material can flow into the packaging container by itself. Most of the materials that do not contain gas or liquid can use this kind of filling, Loading method.

Isobaric filling method: Isobaric filling method is also called pressure gravity filling method. When it is higher than atmospheric pressure, the container is restarted to form air pressure, and then it flows into the container by its own weight.

Vacuum filling method: Vacuum filling method is a method of filling under subatmospheric pressure. There are two types of differential pressure vacuum type and gravity vacuum type. The former, that is, the liquid storage tank is in a normal pressure environment, is pumped to form a vacuum environment, and the liquid material is filled by the pressure difference between the filling container and the liquid storage tank. This filling method is also the most commonly used filling method at present. The latter, that is, the liquid storage tank is in a vacuum state, has a relatively complicated structure, and is rarely used. In foreign countries, it is mostly used in toxic materials such as pesticides and chemical products.

Siphon method: The siphon method is a filling method developed through the principle of siphon. This kind of filling method has a long history and simple principle, and is mainly used in the early stage of the development of automated filling technology.

Pressure method: The pressure method is to use other or pressure to fill the material into the packaging container, which is suitable for filling the material with high viscosity.



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