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Talking about Binary Package Semi Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

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Since the appearance of aerosol prototypes in 1931, aerosol products have undergone rapid development and have entered all walks of life. They are closely connected with our lives. Ordinary packaged aerosol products are no longer sufficient to support their development. , Dual-package aerosol products came into being.


With the growth of social economy and the improvement of consumption levels, people’s awareness of safety and environmental protection has continued to increase, and the requirements for products have become more and more stringent, especially for products that are in close contact with the human body, such as food, drugs and cosmetics. These requirements are perfectly met.

Binary packaging aerosol is the aerosol product produced by the binary packaging filling machine. The binary packaging filling machine is a special aerosol filling machine, which means that the propellant and the agent are placed in the same In the two isolated units in the packaging container, the raw materials are released from the packaging in a predetermined form by the pressure provided by the propellant during use. The dual packaging feature is that there is a pouch in the aerosol can and the raw materials are filled in In the bag, the gas is between the aerosol can and the bag, and the raw material does not contact the gas and the can body. It has the advantages of environmental protection, high sanitation level, solving the corrosion of the raw material and the incompatibility of the gas and liquid. It is especially suitable for food, Products that require high hygiene and safety factors such as medicines and cosmetics.

After the compressed air is filled into the tank, the valve with the bag is sealed, and the raw material is filled in the bag in the tank to completely isolate the raw material from the tank body. The pressure of the compressed air sprays the raw material in a specific shape during use. The internal compressed air remains in the tank, so the filling can be repeated.

The safety, sanitation and environmental protection characteristics of binary package aerosols make it a leader in cosmetics, food, medicine and other industries. At the same time, it has also begun to develop in other fields. For example, binary packaged water-based paint aerosols have gradually begun to replace oily With the continuous development of technology, dual-package aerosols will be fully used in these fields.


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