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Talking about the filling method under aerosol

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The filling technology under the cover has been developed for at least 40 years. It is a technology that allows the propellant to be filled into the tank through the one-inch opening of the aerosol tank under the valve cover. It is relative to the valve filling technology, which is the technology of filling the propellant into the tank through the valve after sealing the valve.

Under-cap filling technology has many unique advantages, so it has become the main method for filling aerosol propellants in many parts of the world. The main advantages are:

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1. Strong adaptability, no matter which supplier's valve can be used for filling under the cover without special joints, even when changing different types of valves, it is not necessary to replace the propellant filling joints.

2. Different valve structures will not affect the filling speed.

3. Regardless of the internal structure of the valve used, when filling under the cover is used, the filling speed is high, uniform and predictable.

4. The inherent high-speed filling characteristics of the under-cover filling method make it require fewer filling heads, plus the under-cover filling will seal the valve and the propellant filling structure in one station, thereby reducing the machine's Repair and maintenance saves space.

5. In most cases, the valve with spray head can be directly used for filling under the cover, saving the spray head machine

6. When filling under the cover, the valve will not be damaged due to high-speed filling, and the valve filling method may have the phenomenon of lowering the seat and falling off the straw during high-speed filling of the propellant.


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