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Technical research and development of aerosol filling machine

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The aerosol packaging equipment integrates vacuum, compressed air (or nitrogen N2), and sealing into one, and then fills the raw materials. It is especially suitable for filling water-based aerosol products.

According to the aerosol filling machine, relevant experts at the meeting interpreted relevant domestic and foreign regulations and requirements, introduced the development trend and direction of domestic aerosols, discussed key technical points such as inhaled aerosol dosage and packaging devices, and discussed aerosols. The research ideas and plans for the compatibility of aerosol medicines and packaging systems; and the participants and experts had full exchanges on current policies, regulations, and technical priorities.

When the aerosol is used, the shutter is opened, and the compressed air in the tank presses the bag to press the raw materials out of the tank. When the raw materials are completely pressed out, the compressed air in the tank remains in the tank, so it can be filled repeatedly and sprayed. The shape of the raw material aerosol can be changed by changing the valve actuator. This set of equipment is suitable for the production of water-based aerosol products and is a green and environmentally friendly aerosol product. It has been widely used in industries such as medicine, health, fire fighting, daily chemical industry and so on.


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