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The advantages and disadvantages of aerosols and filling equipment

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Aerosol is a preparation in which the medicine and propellant are packed in a pressure-resistant container, and the contents are sprayed out by the pressure of the propellant (liquefied gas or compressed air) during use. The ejected matter is mainly in the form of aerosol mist, so it is also called aerosol. In recent years, the application fields of aerosols have become more and more extensive, including food, personal care, car care, household care, industrial building materials, cosmetics and other fields. Our common household cleaners, air fresheners, pet sprays, plant sprays, household fire extinguishers, sunscreen sprays, universal foam cleaners, self-painting, mold release agents, styrofoam...

In addition to the above products, products similar to aerosols have also appeared. Preparations such as ointments and foams that are extruded by small pressure also belong to this type of dosage form. In addition, fumigants and sprays are similar to aerosols, but their power is not a propellant. There are few varieties of traditional Chinese medicine aerosols, such as wide chest aerosols and Huashan ginseng aerosols. Aerosol can not only be used for local treatment, such as burn wounds, local infections, etc., but also can be applied to the respiratory tract to be absorbed through the alveolar membrane to have a systemic therapeutic effect. So what are the advantages of aerosols?

Advantages of aerosol:

1. Easy to use and effective quickly;

2. It can keep the medicine clean and sterile, and can improve the stability of the medicine. Since the medicine is packed in a closed container, it can avoid contact with air, moisture, and light, thus reducing the possibility of pollution and deterioration;

3. Reduce the pain (such as burns and sensitive skin patients) and infection caused by topical application;

4. The sprayed mist particles are tiny, can reach the site of action or absorption, and are evenly distributed, the dosage is small, so the side effects are also small.

Aerosols also have disadvantages:

1. Pressure vessel and valve system are required, and the cost is high;

2. The mechanical equipment that needs cooling and filling, the preparation operation is more troublesome;

3. The aerosol has a certain internal pressure and is prone to explode when exposed to heat or impact;

4. The aerosol works by the vapor pressure of the propellant, and it may fail due to the leakage of the propellant;

5. As the main purpose of inhaling aerosol, the absorption is often incomplete due to many interference factors of lung absorption.


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