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The correct use method of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine

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The semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is a simple device, which consists of a liquid filling machine, a sealing machine, and an inflator. According to the production process, the filling process is completed in sequence. When using an aerosol filling machine, you must master the basic usage method, because incorrect usage and maintenance will greatly reduce the service life of the machine. The editor of Shandong Fengquan Company will explain the correct use of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine.

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semi-automatic aerosol filling machine machine is mainly composed of filling machine, sealing machine, inflator, booster pump, table top, frame and pneumatic components. The filling machine is composed of a liquid measuring cylinder and a filling head, and the inflating machine is composed of a gas measuring cylinder and a filling head. The liquid metering cylinder and the gas metering cylinder are fixed at the back of the table. The filling head, the sealing machine and the filling head are installed on the table of the lifting column, which can be adjusted up and down according to the height of the tank.

When we receive the equipment, we first need to install it. Because the equipment is pneumatic equipment, which uses air as power to drive the equipment to operate, we prepare air compressors, liquefied gas cylinders and pipelines. The next step is to install. The installation site should pay attention to the necessary space for equipment operation, maintenance and repair. After the installation of the equipment is complete, it is time to test and debug.

1. Connect the air source, and connect the compressed air pipe output from the air compressor to the input interface of the air source triplet of the main engine and the booster pump in two ways.

2. Connect the material, connect the hose at the bottom of the liquid metering cylinder in the host to the discharge port of the liquid container to be filled.

3. The inflator is connected to the liquefied gas cylinder and the booster pump. Connect one end with the liquefied gas connector to the liquid output end interface of the liquefied gas cylinder, and the other end to the liquefied gas input end of the booster pump. Take another pressure-resistant pipe, connect one end to the output end of the booster pump and the other end to the input end of the gas metering cylinder on the host.

4. Turn on the power supply of the air compressor and turn on the liquid filling knob switch.

5. Put the empty can under the filling head and fill the guide rail, step on the foot valve to start filling. After completion, remove the last tank, move the remaining tanks forward until the last tank touches the positioning handle, and then put the valve on the No. 1 tank. Then fill an empty tank under the filling head (the tank is designated as "No. 2 Tank"), then turn on the filling switch, step on the foot valve, the filling machine will act, and the No. 2 tank will be filled. Then remove the last bottle and move the rest of the jars forward. Then fill an empty can under the filling head (this can is designated as "No. 3 Can"), and put a valve on the No. 2 can.

6. Then turn on the sealing switch, seal the No. 1 tank, and fill the No. 3 tank with liquid. After completion, repeat the action of moving the tank and filling the tank and releasing the valve.

7. Turn on the inflation switch, step on the foot valve, the filling machine, the sealing machine and the inflator operate at the same time, and continue to repeat the above actions to start the linked production. Just keep emptying the tank and valve one after the other.

The above is the correct way to use the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine. Aerosol filling machines are widely used in many industries, such as the production and filling of daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, chemical and other enterprises. After years of development, the aerosol filling machine has become more and more automated, and it can be easily used with simple learning.


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