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The difference between automatic and semi-automatic aerosol filling machine

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With the development of technology, filling machines are basically used for canning operations, which are divided into automatic aerosol filling machines and semi-automatic aerosol filling machines according to different operating methods. Many people are not very clear about the difference between automatic and semi-automatic. Only by understanding the characteristics of automatic and semi-automatic aerosol filling machines in advance can they consider how to choose suitable equipment according to their own business requirements, use costs and installation environment. The editor of Fengquan Import and Export Co., Ltd. tells you the difference between the two!


1. One of the differences between automatic and semi-automatic aerosol filling machines in operation mode is the power source. The semi-automatic filling machine is pneumatic, while the automatic filling machine is electric. The difference in energy makes the two The job status is different. Among them, the automatic filling machine is more efficient because it is electric, but it must be anti-static and grounded, and the semi-automatic filling machine is pneumatic, so there is no need to consider static electricity and grounding issues, so the automatic filling machine is more efficient and semi-automatic The filling machine has low environmental requirements.


 2. In most cases, only one person is required to supervise the automatic filling machine, because the entire operation process is automatically carried out after the computer terminal is set up. The semi-automatic canning equipment actually only needs one or two people to operate, and the operation is not difficult, which is a fool. And compared to the automatic filling machine, the semi-automatic filling machine can be stopped urgently, which is one of its advantages.


3. For many responsible canning operations, the automatic filling machine has a greater advantage, because the operation process can be freely combined and adjusted through the computer terminal, but the semi-automatic filling machine has a higher natural advantage in terms of maintenance and use costs.


The above is the difference between the two. It is the so-called market demand, so the corresponding products are produced. The automatic aerosol filling machine and the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine have their own advantages. This requires buyers to compare carefully and choose Your own suitable machine. If you want small workshops for production or testing purposes, then semi-automatic equipment is suitable. If it is large-scale production, with sufficient capital chain, fully automatic equipment is suitable for you. 


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