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The evolution of aerosol filling machine

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From the ancient economy to the modern economy, the packaging of aerosol products has become more and more diverse, and the filling equipment has undergone earth-shaking changes. In the past, manual aerosol filling machines were used, and the production efficiency was relatively low until the modern economy. With rapid development, a mechanical automation filling mode gradually appeared.

The continuous development of China's modern economic science and technology. Aerosol packaging methods are gradually diversified and improved. It can be said that the aerosol filling machine is getting better and better, and the production efficiency is getting higher and higher. The development of many things is not static. All are developing subtly. As the economy continues to develop. The increasing social demand requires people to use more efficient production methods, which prompts people to continue to innovate. After continuous technological innovation, aerosol filling machines can be said to have undergone a major leap forward.

First of all, in the evolution of the degree of automation, the equipment in the past is mostly semi-automatic, and the production efficiency is low. It is a manual mode. The foot-operated equipment needs to be stepped on every process, and the equipment cannot be linked. It takes more people to produce a bottle of products. carry out. The current new aerosol filling machine is mostly automated. Just turn the switch button, the equipment starts to run, and it can be flexibly switched to jog and automatic mode. Only one worker can complete all the processes, which can save labor costs. .

Secondly, in the evolution of the volume and weight of the equipment, the past aerosol filling machines are relatively large in area, and the equipment may require multiple tables. It needs to be installed in a large factory building, which occupies a large area and is relatively heavy. It requires tools to move the equipment. Now the aerosol filling machine has been beautified in the appearance design, all the processes can be combined on one table, the machine footprint is reduced, the weight is also much lighter, and the installation process is simplified.

Finally, the aerosol filling machine has also undergone major changes in the control system. The previous filling equipment was mainly pneumatic, and the filling accuracy may not be ready for control. The pressure and filling volume are manually adjusted. There are shortcomings of large errors, which may not be satisfied for more refined enterprises. Now the new aerosol equipment adopts PLC microcomputer control system, which is controlled by a specific program, which can effectively reduce errors.


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