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The extensive application of binary aerosol filling machine in the field of cosmetics

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Aerosol cosmetics, a product segment that is in its infancy in China, on the basis of economic growth and improved consumption levels, consumers' pursuit of quality of life is constantly rising, more detailed requirements for products, and a better user experience Under demand, aerosol cosmetic spray products provide users with a more extreme user experience due to their soft and delicate mist particles, continuous spraying at any angle, no secondary use pollution, propellant vaporization, heat absorption and cold skin, etc., precisely because of these Superiority, aerosol cosmetic products are more and more popular with consumers.

In the past, some aerosols in the sprayed state only stayed in mousse, hair spray, and shaving foam. Now they have extended sunscreen sprays, moisturizing sprays, antiperspirant sprays, repair sprays, etc. In the Asian market, Japan already has The cutting-edge trend of aerosol cosmetics is also in China. Taobao’s last AUDALA protective spray claiming the same version of Douyin shows monthly sales of 1.5 million pieces. The T7 sunscreen spray shows monthly sales of 1 million pieces. There are other sales. The previous sunscreen spray also showed monthly sales ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Industry statistics show that by 2021, China's cosmetic aerosol market will exceed 30 billion yuan. This is a particularly good opportunity for domestic manufacturers.

The combination of cosmetics and aerosols is a completely new field, especially in China where there is a huge potential for development. Aerosol cosmetics is a systematic fusion of traditional cosmetic formulation technology and aerosol technology. The competition of aerosols in the field of cosmetics and the blooming of flowers are due to the development of aerosol technology, especially the emergence of binary spray filling technology. The propellant of aerosol is generally flammable and explosive. Components such as methyl ether and propane are strictly prohibited from being carried on airplanes and high-speed rails. Secondly, the material of the one-component spray is directly mixed with the propellant, so that the material has the risk of being contaminated. The most prominent problem is that the completeness of environmental protection is relatively low.

The emergence and development of binary spray technology perfectly solves the above problems. The working principle of binary packaging is that the content of liquid and propellant air are separated. There is a bag to enclose the liquid, and the bag is covered with ordinary safe gas. As a propellant, the safe technology eliminates the need to fill dangerous gas in the bottle and does not cause any danger in production, transportation, storage and use. The product is safer and more hygienic, easy to carry, easy to use, ultra-fine atomized, can bring high-speed rail and aircraft. Compared with the traditional one-component spray, the two-component spray has many advantages and applicability. For example, because the material is separated from the propellant, it is not easy to be polluted, and no other preservatives need to be added, so it will not cause harm to the skin. The upper part is formed by a valve, a four-layer vacuum bag, and an aluminum can to form a multiple protection system, which has high sealing performance, and the material body is not afraid of oxidation, light, cold and heat, and secondary pollution. Binary spray plus internal material atomization treatment, the sprayed material is fan-shaped nano atomized, which is easier to be absorbed by the skin, even and soft. The material body and the gas are separated, there is no precipitate, no shaking, and spray as you take. One-touch smooth spray to the end, without repeated pressing, all-round spray without any dead angle. The emptying rate of the material reaches 99%, which does not cause waste. Lighter than ordinary spray, more convenient to carry around and so on. Compared with the cosmetics companies that used aerosol technology in the past, they need to have the aerosol and organic solvent unit (aerosol, organic solvent) project license in the information of the cosmetics production license, and follow the safety production regulations of hazardous chemicals This is a higher threshold for many companies, especially newcomers. The emergence of binary spray technology has lowered the threshold for the production of cosmetic sprays. Many new companies can invest in equipment to produce binary sprays, which further promotes the widespread development of aerosol cosmetics.



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