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The significance of automatic filling machines for the food and pharmaceutical industries

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The automatic filling machine has various models and specifications, and can be divided into two categories: rotary type and linear type according to the transportation mode of the packaged products. Rotary automatic filling machines usually use the same continuous filling method, that is, the packaging products are filled automatically during operation, so the work can be planned very high. The linear automatic filling machine is generally an intermittent type. When the packaged product runs to the filling position, there is a stop type, which is filled in a long line. The relative rotation model is lower, but the filling is stable. It will not overflow casually, the packaging quality is very easy to guarantee, and its structure is relatively simple compared to the rotating model. It is widely used in food processing, biomedicine and daily chemical industries.

Food and beverage filling is a huge market segment in the filling machinery industry. The automatic beverage filling machine production line is mainly an entire automatic production line with a high degree of automation. Today, the consumption of beverages by everyone in the country, especially pure Water, there is a huge gap with the average level of developed countries in the world. With the development of technology and the development of the market economy system, China has entered a well-off society. The average level of food, clothing, housing and transportation has increased, and the market indoor space is huge.

The biomedical industry produces filling. The overall characteristics of this fully automatic filling machinery and equipment are small size, high price, and output value accounting for about 12-15% of the medicine. Therefore, this kind of packaging machinery and equipment has higher requirements for the average level of automation control, and the corresponding enterprise's automation machinery procurement ability is also stronger. Nowadays, my country's drug innovation always has stricter and stricter packaging requirements, especially for western medicines, as far as possible in bulk to prevent secondary environmental pollution. The traditional paper sub-package has been eliminated. This market will also maintain steady growth above GDP.


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