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Treatment measures for filling machine not discharging

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The filling machine adopts PLC to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the bottle feeding chain adopts frequency converter to adjust the speed, and cooperates with the host frequency converter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable. The photoelectricity detects the working status of each element, so the automation is high and the operation is simple. On this basis, the machine can replace the filling parts, forming a low vacuum filling method. The low vacuum filling method is suitable for filling glass bottles, wine, soy sauce and other materials. The sealing method can be equipped with aluminum metal anti-theft cap and plastic cap. If the filling machine is incorrect or does not discharge, you can deal with it as follows.


1. Check whether all sealing rings of the filling machine are damaged. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

2. Adjust the speed, check whether the throttle speed meets the requirements, and adjust the throttle to reach the specified flow.

3. In the three-way valve where the compression tension spring of the rapid device has up and down force, the elasticity of the adjustment tension spring is too large, and the one-way valve cannot be opened.

4. Whether the valve core of the filling nozzle is stuck or delayed. If there is a blockage, install the spool. In order to delay the opening, the fine cylinder throttle valve needs to be adjusted.

5. Check whether the speed of the filling machine is too fast, adjust the refueling speed of the throttle to reduce the speed.

6. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the three-way valve. If so, please clean and check whether there is air in the three-way valve and filling port. If there is air, it can be reduced or eliminated.

7. Check and correct all clamps and hose seals.

Check and clean according to the above methods to find out the problem and fundamentally solve the problem that the filling machine does not discharge. The filling method adopts a new type of micro-pressure filling, and the filling speed is faster and more stable. Therefore, compared with machines of the same standard, this machine has higher output and greater profit.


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