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What are the advantages of automatic weighing machine

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What are the advantages of online automatic weighing machine? The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Meet technical indicators

Do the technical indicators of the finished product meet the requirements? The weighing machine will compare the data within the tolerance you set, and the future business depends on it.

2. Net content: insufficient weight

Weighing machines can help you ensure that products meet user expectations, as well as the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety Inspection Service's labeling policy on product weight.

3. Net content: overweight

Do not install more products. The automatic weighing machine can help you keep the bottom line and ensure that there are not too many products in the package.

4. Impurity detection

Some automatic weighing machines can be combined with other packaging product inspection equipment such as X-ray foreign object inspection systems or metal detectors to provide an economic and space-saving product inspection solution.

5. Grading

The automatic weighing machine can also classify products according to different weight intervals and grades.

6. Missing major components

Counting by weight is important to ensure user satisfaction. As a consumer, when he or she opens a box of chocolates and finds that one is missing, what would you think?

7. Non-standard products

Is the packaging product damaged? Is there a leak? Is the filled product or its quantity correct? Are there any foreign objects in the packaging? Weighing machines can find these problems at the front or end of the production line.

8. Control

The weight data from the automatic weighing machine can feedback control your filling system, providing a closed loop to improve processing efficiency.

9. Missing minor components

The product may not be damaged, but are each of these components in the packaging? Such as instructions, spoons or straws.

10. Batch deviation

Before the weighing machine manufacturers ship, the automatic checkweigher can monitor the batch quality by comparing the average weight and the standard deviation.


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