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What are the advantages of choosing a small aerosol filling machine?

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Now, more and more companies want to invest in the production of aerosol products. For some companies that are not very large, they can choose a small aerosol filling machine that is suitable for filling many products. . So why choose a small aerosol filling machine? Today, the filling machine manufacturer told you the reasons for choosing a small aerosol filling machine. I believe you will understand after reading it.

This semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is designed on a workbench and integrates sealing, inflation, and forced liquid filling. Mainly used in laboratory research and development and small-scale production of products. It can be widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, personal care, home care, fire fighting and other industries. The equipment adopts 100% pneumatic control system, which is very easy to operate and maintain. It has the advantages of high filling accuracy, convenient installation and debugging, simple cleaning and maintenance, and no dripping.

All air valves on the equipment use SMC original components to reduce the cost caused by machine failures. Guided forced liquid filling and precise positioning reduce the rate of defective products in the production process of aerosol products. Digital display + handwheel design, precise adjustment of liquid filling measurement, improve work efficiency, reduce the waste of packaging materials. There are two stainless steel columns and seven-shaped screw design to improve the stability of the equipment in operation, and ensure that each function works The verticality of the aerosol can.

Good aerosol filling equipment is not only reflected in the casting material, but also in the performance of the equipment and the selection of the components used. The material used in the filling machine is all stainless steel, and the contact part of the aerosol filling machine and the material They are all made of 316L stainless steel, and the other parts of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel. They are neat and clean, beautiful and generous in appearance. Imported components are used to make the filling machine have excellent performance such as stable performance and flexible operation.


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