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What are the advantages of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine?

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At present, with the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, the aerosol filling machine is also constantly improved and developed. The machine is more flexible and diverse in production and operation. The entire production process can be completed by 1-2 people. The operation of the equipment Button jog, linkage, start and stop, you can freely switch between manual and automatic filling modes. The cylinder pushes the bottle instead of manual delivery, and the workers are not easy to fatigue in the state of continuous production. The machine is equipped with a compressed air storage tank, which makes the air source power more stable. Hand-operated adjusting lever, driven by a worm, can easily adjust the lifting of the equipment. Humanized automatic valve-falling design to avoid hidden dangers caused by misoperation by workers. It can be equipped with a protective cover, the machine is more beautiful, and the operator is more assured. The machine has reserved a gas extraction pipeline, which can remove the combustible propellant gas in time, ensuring the entire aerosol workshop. The machine has the following characteristics:

1. Elaborate design: every component is made in accordance with the requirements of the artwork.

2. Good airtightness: The sealing head adopts guided sealing, no air leakage and high sealing quality.

3. Good material: 316L stainless steel material, strong corrosion resistance.

4. Precision measurement: The filling volume can be adjusted according to product requirements.

5. Stable performance: imported components, durable.

6. Simple operation: in jog or automatic mode, one person can complete the process.


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