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What are the advantages of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine?

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Semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is a kind of aerosol filling machine. Compared with the automatic aerosol filling machine, its degree of automation is not high, and many processes need to be completed manually. It is suitable for small-volume customers or customers in the experimental development stage. If you need to choose an economical semi-automatic aerosol filling machine, you can contact Meida. Meida is an equipment supplier specializing in providing semi-automatic aerosol filling machines with more product options.

Aerosol filling machines have different configurations and models according to the degree of automation. The common classification is semi-automatic and fully automatic. The difference is mainly reflected in the convenience of output, labor, and price. Today, the editor mainly introduces the characteristics of semi-automatic aerosol filling machine.

Let me first introduce the structure and working principle of aerosol. Aerosol refers to the combination of content and propellant in a pressure-resistant container equipped with a valve. When the valve is opened, the nozzle can spray the mist content by itself.物的产品. It is composed of pressure container, contents, valve system, propellant gas, nozzle, etc.

In the production process of aerosol products, the appropriate content (original solution) is first injected into the pressure container, and then the valve is sealed, and then the propellant gas is injected into the closed container through the valve system, and the nozzle and outer cover are buckled. The finished product is complete.


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