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What are the advantages of the self-painting filling machine?

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The sales volume of self-painting and filling machines has always been very good in our aerosol industry. Self-painting is a relatively common product in industrial products. Due to the low threshold and low investment of production self-painting projects, self-painting filling The machine has become a relatively popular device. Compared with the previous equipment, the new self-spraying paint filling machine reduces manpower and has a high degree of automation. Combined with the automatic bottle pushing system, it not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the error rate. So its sales are relatively good. What are the advantages of the self-painting filling machine?


1. Small footprint

Compared with the previous equipment, the area of the current self-painting filling machine is indeed much smaller, and the operation is also very simple. Its style looks very flexible. It is not as bulky and occupies a large area like the previous equipment. The overall performance will not affect the work efficiency due to the smaller product, but improves the work efficiency.

2. Fast filling speed

The filling speed of the self-painting filling machine is very fast. It can reach 4000-5000 bottles in 8 hours a day. The filling speed directly affects the output of a product. The more output, the higher the daily benefit. In this way, the company's benefit is Will improve.

3. Manpower

The previous self-spraying paint filling machines required a lot of manpower to maintain operation, which consumed too much manpower, but the efficiency was not very obvious. After the degree of automation is improved, only one person can control it, the work efficiency is high, and the error rate is very low.

Generally speaking, the self-painting filling machine has many advantages. When purchasing, you must go to a regular manufacturer to buy. Don't choose cheap machines for cheap. Such machines generally have a low service life and are easy to break.


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