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What are the application characteristics of manual sealing machine

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Manual sealing machine is widely recognized for its beautiful and novel appearance design and high-speed sealing ability, and countless products are suitable for sealing with this type of sealing machine. Among them, some easy-to-use manual sealing machines are batch used in assembly line sealing operations. Now, what are the application characteristics of manual sealing machines

Manual Sealing Maching

1. There are many kinds of materials suitable for film sealing

According to a large number of investigations and feedbacks, there are many kinds of materials suitable for film sealing. For example, aluminum foil for plastic bottles of pharmaceutical companies, nylon sealing used in some cosmetics and other polypropylene sealing materials can be used with manual sealing machine to form better sealing strength.

2. Good and uniform linear sealing

Although the Manual sealing machine is small and light, but the adhesion performance is very good. As long as the thickness of the matching film and the width of the sealing are within a certain range, a good and uniform linear sealing can be obtained. Therefore, more and more discontinuous and small batch sealing operations are generally using manual sealing machine, but it should be noted that it is not suitable for sealing those overweight and difficult to move products.

3. Continuous linear sealing operation can be carried out regardless of bag type

Manual sealing machine for the size of the bag, the length of the bag and the thickness of the bag does not have too many requirements, generally speaking, regardless of the bag can be continuous linear sealing operation. The manual sealing machine is a general-purpose horizontal induction sealing machine. In daily use, it is necessary to avoid linear sealing operation in the harsh environment with heavy acid and alkali and high humidity.

Manual sealing machine is an ideal sealing tool for sealing cellophane, aluminum foil and aluminum coating. Especially the best-selling manual sealing machine has a high popularity. According to many manufacturers, the manual sealing machine is not only suitable for film sealing, but also has a good and uniform linear sealing. At the same time, it can carry out continuous sealing regardless of the bag type.


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