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What are the characteristics of the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine?

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What are the characteristics of the semi-automatic aerosol filling machine?
This semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is designed on a workbench. It is a linear aerosol filling machine, which integrates liquid filling, valve release, valve support, sealing and inflation. Mainly used for small and medium-sized production, the price is equivalent to that of fully automatic equipment, which is cheaper. It is a good choice for companies with insufficient funds. It can be widely used in self-painting, carburetor cleaning agent, table wax, and universal foam. Production of aerosol products such as cleaning agents, rust inhibitor aerosols, and insecticide aerosols. The equipment adopts 100% pneumatic control system, which is very easy to operate and maintain.

1. All air valves on the equipment use SMC original components to reduce the cost caused by machine failure.

2. Automatic bottle pushing system reduces manual work intensity.

3. Digital display + hand wheel design, accurately adjust liquid and propellant filling measurement, improve work efficiency, and reduce the waste of packaging materials.

4. The design of four optical axes and table plate improves the stability of the equipment during operation and guarantees the verticality of each function to the aerosol can.

5. The design of T-shaped screw rod and hand wheel saves time and effort for the adjustment process for aerosol cans of different heights.

6. The valve release system eliminates safety hazards, reduces manual operation steps, and improves work efficiency.

7. Oriented inflatable head, precise positioning, reduce the defective rate in the production process of aerosol products.

8. The design of the protective baffle prevents the contents of the aerosol can from being sprayed into the eyes of people in the case of improper operation.


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