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What are the classifications of oxygen masks?

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The oxygen mask is a combination of a snorkel and a full face mask. It is a tool to help humans breathe oxygen in a storage tank in an oxygen-deficient environment. So what environment is the oxygen mask mainly used and what is its purpose? The following editor of Shandong Fengquan will answer for you.


The oxygen mask is a full-face mask made of plastic. It is a simple tool to provide oxygen to patients who need oxygen. It uses a thin tube to connect the mask to the oxygen storage tank. When the patient has life-threatening breathing difficulties Place the oxygen mask on the full face of the patient and allow the patient to inhale oxygen.

According to different usage environments, oxygen masks can be divided into three main categories:


One is the military aviation oxygen mask: it is mainly used for pilots, because the higher the plane flies, the greater the atmospheric pressure outside the plane, and the oxygen in the cabin will become thinner and thinner. This is because the pilot needs to breathe through the oxygen mask. Oxygen slows down the lack of oxygen.

One is the civil aviation oxygen mask: it is mainly used for civil aircraft, that is, the aircraft that everyone usually takes. When the aircraft takes off, the atmospheric pressure will pressurize the outside of the aircraft, and the cabin will be pressurized by the atmospheric pressure. Oxygen will become thinner and thinner as the aircraft rises, and passengers will experience dizziness, nausea and other unsuitable symptoms. At this time, oxygen masks are needed to maintain the life and health of patients.

The last type is the medical oxygen mask: it is mainly suitable for patients who have difficulty breathing due to brain hypoxia. When using the oxygen mask, place the oxygen mask on the patient's face to seal the patient's respiratory organs and allow them to inhale oxygen.


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