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What are the common aerosol filling machines?

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Aerosol filling machine is a kind of filling machine. Filling machine is a mechanical equipment that packs various forms of items such as liquid, gas, paste, powder, etc., and belongs to packaging equipment. The products filled by the aerosol filling machine include medicines, cosmetics, air purification, mosquitoes and insecticides. What are the common aerosol filling machines? What is the working principle? My editor will answer for you.

According to the different filling objects, the filling machine can be divided into: liquid filling machine, gas filling machine, aerosol filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, etc. According to the degree of automation, filling machine Often divided into: automatic filling machine, powder filling machine, etc. Machine tools, semi-automatic filling machines, automatic filling machines, etc.

Common aerosol filling machines include fully automatic aerosol filling machines, high-speed aerosol filling machines, and semi-automatic aerosol filling machines. With the continuous increase of domestic labor costs and the development of automatic filling machines, automation and intelligence will receive more and more attention.

According to different filling objects, filling principles and filling methods are very different.

According to different filling pressures, liquid filling machines can be divided into atmospheric liquid filling machines, vacuum liquid filling machines and pressure liquid filling machines.


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