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What are the differences between oxygen mask and oxygen suction tube

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For anoxic patients, nasal catheter or nasal plug oxygen supply, oxygen mask, gas noninvasive oxygen supply device, ventilator oxygen supply, airway oxygen supply and other methods are often used to provide oxygen. Among them, nasal catheter oxygen supply and mask oxygen supply are commonly used. The main differences between the two are the use method, oxygen flow and application.

What are the differences between oxygen mask and oxygen tube

1. Different methods of use, oxygen mask is divided into open type and closed type. The open type is to place the mask 1 ~ 3cm away from the nose of the sick population, and the closed type is to tightly cover the mask on the mouth and nose and fix it with elastic band. Oxygen inhalation tube, also known as nasal catheter oxygen inhalation method, is a way to insert the catheter through the nostril into the top of the nasal cavity and the back of the soft palate to give oxygen.

2. With different oxygen flow, the oxygen concentration of mask oxygen inhalation method can reach 40% ~ 50%. There is no mucosal irritation and dry blowing feeling. The oxygen flow is generally high and the oxygen consumption is large. The oxygen concentration of nasal catheter oxygen inhalation is constant, which is only suitable for low flow oxygen supply. Excessive oxygen flow is intolerable due to large flow rate and impact, and it is easy to lead to dry airway mucosa.

3. The application is different. The open mask is suitable for children, and the closed mask is suitable for severe hypoxia. Nasal catheter oxygen inhalation is suitable for respiratory diseases affecting vital capacity, dyspnea caused by cardiac insufficiency, poisoning and hypoxia, comatose patients and patients after some surgical operations.


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