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What are the reasons for the inaccurate weighing of the automatic weighing machine

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The automated production line is one-stop operation, and each process has a specific machine to operate it to achieve rapid production and improve production efficiency. The automatic weighing machine is a high-speed and high-precision online weighing equipment. The use of the checkweigher can double the capacity of the production line of the enterprise and solve the problem of labor costs. But no matter what type of equipment, there are times when there is a failure. When the automatic weighing machine is inaccurate, we need to check the following:


1. check if there is wind blowing against the device;

2. Whether the automatic weighing machine is calibrated, it can be re-calibrated;

3. Check if other items touch the weighing tray;

4. Compare whether the static weighing is consistent with the dynamic weighing. If not, it can be corrected by "dynamic learning".

If the inaccurate weighing failure cannot be solved through the above inspections, you need to ask professional technicians or after-sales personnel of the weighing machine manufacturer to carry out troubleshooting to ensure that the equipment is working properly. In addition, the daily maintenance work of the automatic weighing machine must be done at ordinary times to effectively extend the service life of the equipment.


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