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What are the types of oxygen mask

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Oxygen mask is a device that transfers oxygen from the storage tank to the human lungs. It can wrap the nose and mouth (oral nasal mask) or the whole face (full mask) and supply oxygen. It is mainly used in the medical field and aviation field. The types of oxygen mask are mainly divided into medical oxygen mask and civil aviation oxygen mask.


1. Medical oxygen mask

 medical oxygen mask mainly includes oxygen mask, adjustable mask, no re inhalation mask, atomization mask and incision mask. Its oxygen storage system is composed of mask, oxygen storage bag, T-shaped tee, oxygen delivery catheter and fixed components. It is mainly used for patients with dyspnea and oxygen deficiency to receive oxygen, and oxygen is directly injected into the oxygen storage bag, The mask was placed on the patient's face, the mouth and nose were sealed, and the mask was fixed on the patient's head with a fixed component for oxygen inhalation.

2. Civil aviation oxygen mask

  civil aviation oxygen mask is an emergency life-saving device to provide oxygen for passengers. When the cabin suddenly loses air tightness or encounters other hypoxia conditions, the oxygen mask will automatically drop from the top of the passenger's head. It is connected to the automatic coupler through a long and thin rubber oxygen supply pipe and bayonet joint, and the oxygen continuously flows into the air storage bag of the mask, When the passenger inhales deeply to empty the air storage bag, the air inlet valve on the mask can let oxygen in.


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