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What are the use items of manual sealing machine?

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The manual sealing machine is small and light, simple operation, short bonding time, fast speed, excellent sealing, stable performance, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, petroleum, pesticide, cosmetics, hotel travel supplies, light industry and other industries for containers Seal with aluminum foil.

Manual Sealing Maching

Precautions for use:

1. Check the power supply voltage 220V (±5%) frequency, 50HZ/60HZ (±5%) AC power supply. To use the rated fuse correctly, the power cord must be unplugged before installing or removing the fuse.

2. A separate power socket should be used, and the current allowed by the socket and its wiring is greater than 10A. The plug and socket should be in good contact, otherwise the sealing machine will be easily damaged.

3. The sealing machine should be placed in a place with good ventilation, dry, and little dust, and it should be placed horizontally. The distance from the wall or other objects should be greater than 20CM to ensure normal exhaust air.

4. Don't put metal objects under the sealing head to avoid overload and damage to the device.

5. To avoid personal injury, please use a grounded AC power socket. The ground wire of the main circuit board must never be connected to the chassis.

6. Do not touch the circuit board and heat sink during work. The circuit board and heat sink are under high voltage, and metal objects cannot be extended into the cabinet, otherwise serious electric shock may occur.

7. After the machine starts normally, in order to avoid scalding or electric shock, please do not touch the sealing head at will.



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