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What do you know about aerosol filling machines?

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     What do you know about the aerosol filling machine? Next I will introduce it to you.

     Aerosols are common in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, but they are also a special classified package. It can be seen that the role of aerosol filling machines cannot be ignored, although it is common. First, understand the concept of aerosol. Aerosols are mixtures of drugs, emulsions or suspensions with suitable propellants and are sealed in pressure vessels with special valve systems. In use, the contents are ejected from the mist under the pressure of the propellant for inhalation or directly into the mucous membranes, skin and space of the cavity. Ready to work.


       In addition, most aerosol filling machines are fully automatic filling machines, or aerosol filling and covering machines, more commonly aerosol filling production lines. Full-automatic aerosol filling machine is suitable for water, emulsion, suspension, semi-fluid, paste and other products with various viscosities and independent aerosol cans. Our common pesticides, air fresheners, mousses and spray medicines are all packed and filled with this special aerosol filler.

        In recent years, in the automatic aerosol filling machine or aerosol production line, in addition to the importance of the filling step, the importance of the valve system is also gradually changing. Tests on bag valve technology were performed on an aerosol filler from Zigler in Poland. Bag valve technology is particularly suitable for aerosol filling in the pharmaceutical industry, advanced cosmetics, etc. that are not suitable for direct contact with propellants.

        In our lives, aerosols are usually packed in metal cans. Compared to plastic bottles, aerosol filling is very strict. It requires not only a combination of drugs, additives, injectors, pressure vessels and valve systems to form an aerosol filling machine, but also a combination of bottle washer and labeler to make a beautiful bottle. Aerosol is being displayed.


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