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What equipment is needed in a cosmetic aerosol factory

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Cosmetic aerosols have become the new favorite in the industry, such as: Evian mineral water spray, GATSBY spray, Gillette shaving foam, Yunnan Baiyao spray, Haodi air freshener ... these familiar products, Most people may not know that they all have a common professional attribute term-aerosol. Today, aerosols are vying for beauty in the cosmetics field. The cosmetics industry is a hot industry in today's society. Therefore, many people see the business opportunities in this industry and devote themselves to the cosmetics production industry. But what production equipment is needed to open a cosmetic aerosol factory? Maybe some people are still not very clear. Today I will give you a brief introduction.

First, let's look at the composition of cosmetic aerosols, raw materials, propellant gas, aluminum cans / iron cans, valves, spray heads, outer covers, etc.

Secondly, the research and development of aerosol cosmetics must not only integrate the technology of cosmetic formulation level, but also master the technology and verification methods of aerosol, which requires enterprises to integrate scientific research talents in these two aspects. In addition, because many aerosol cosmetics involve the use of flammable and explosive propellants, the entry threshold is raised. The application of the binary bag valve aerosol technology, known as the "binary spray", is breaking this situation. The binary bag valve aerosol uses non-combustible compressed air or nitrogen as the propellant. The sprayed mist particles are thinner and softer. It has better experience when applied to facial water spray products. Enthusiasts. In addition, there are no flammable and explosive production "threshold" restrictions. At present, many cosmetics production enterprises have invested in equipment to produce "binary spray" products.

According to the above analysis, the equipment for producing cosmetic aerosols is a binary packaging aerosol filling machine. Depending on the production scale, the equipment has different configurations.

Just needed: small binary packaging aerosol filling machine (sealing aerator + forced filling machine), other processes are manually completed.

Non-rigid needs: mainly automatic automatic line, automatic binary packaging aerosol filling line, including the following units: bottle sorting table, binary packaging sealing and inflating machine, binary packaging filling machine, weighing machine, water bath Leak detection machine, button nozzle machine, cover machine, online coding, conveyor belt, etc.



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