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What is an aerosol and aerosol filling machine?

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Aerosols are relatively common in the market and are widely used in medicine, air purification, cosmetics and other industries. Different aerosols have different functions. The relatively consistent is that they are installed in aerosol cans. Spray aerosols of different functions in the tank. Aerosols can be produced with aerosol filling machines. Meida is a manufacturer specializing in aerosol filling machines. Friends who need to know about aerosol filling machines can contact Meida for consultation.

Basic concept of aerosol

The meaning of aerosol refers to a liquid ultrafine particle or solid ultrafine particle uniformly dispersed in the air to form a mist-like dispersion system. It is characterized by small particles (with a particle size of about 5-8um), stable and uniform. If it is a mist of liquid particles, the surface of the object contacted by the wet spray will not appear.

Aerosol, also known as aerosol, refers to a mixture of liquid preparations packed in small pressure-resistant aerosol cans and filled with propellants. When in use, it is automatically ejected to the space or any surface by means of the pressure in the tank. The source of the pressure in the tank is the propellant. Due to the different types of aerosols, some of the sprayed substances form mist, which can be suspended in space for a long period of time; some can be sprayed directly to the surface of the object in any direction and form a film on the surface ; Some also form bubbles and provide related uses.

The aerosol is composed of four parts: propellant, content preparation, pressure container and valve system. The propellant and the content preparation are packed in a pressure-resistant container. The pressure in the container is generated by the vaporization of the propellant. If the valve is opened, the content preparation and the propellant are sprayed together to form an aerosol. After leaving the nozzle, the propellant and the content The drug formulation further vaporizes and the droplets become finer. The size of the droplets depends on the type and dosage of the propellant, the types of valves and snaps, and the viscosity of the content preparation.


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