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What is an aerosol filling machine?

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The aerosol filling machine absorbs foreign advanced technology, the filling head is individually controlled, and no cans can be produced; the sealing head adopts a guided sealing, if the sealing quality is not high, the machine will automatically stop; the filling head adopts guided inflation, which is accurate and accurate. Efficient and consumes little gas. It can be equipped with automatic valve loading machine, automatic weighing machine, automatic nozzle pressing machine, automatic capping machine and inkjet printer.

  Aerosol is different from most other dosage forms: the packaging of this kind of preparation requires pressure-resistant container, valve system and special production equipment, so the product cost is higher. In addition, propellants (mainly chlorofluoroalkanes), which are an important part of aerosols, can destroy the ozone layer and have serious environmental protection problems. Moreover, reaching a certain concentration in animals or humans can sensitize the heart and cause arrhythmia. .


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