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What is the difference between the filling methods of different filling machines

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There are many kinds of filling machines commonly used in the industry, for example: liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine. Their working principles are almost the same. It's just that some thicker fillers need high pressure to fill the knife bottle. The working principle of the filling machine is actually to achieve an effect of linkage, it needs to be driven by a transmission machine, so that various parts can work in harmony with each other.

Commonly used semi-automatic filling machines with low production efficiency include direct-flow liquid filling and piston-type paste filling.

The working principle of DC liquid filling is relatively simple. The filling method of constant current timing can accurately control the filling volume by adjusting the filling time under the condition of a certain liquid level pressure. The semi-automatic piston filling machine is a filling machine for filling high-concentration fluid for filling. It is a three-way principle that drives a piston and a rotary valve through the cylinder to extract and extract high-concentration materials, and controls the stroke of the cylinder with a magnetic reed switch , You can adjust the filling volume.

The higher production efficiency is naturally based on various filling production lines with different filling machines.

The advantage of this filling machine production line is to provide the manufacturing industry with excellent performance, stable and reliable filling production lines; less material waste, cost savings in large-scale production; programming control according to the production process, high production efficiency; production process pollution to the environment Small wait. Due to its special working principle, the filling machine production line can realize the route that the product starts from the raw material into the packaging equipment and goes through a series of production activities such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection. The production line has greater flexibility and can meet the needs of multi-variety production. The application of the filling machine production line can realize the high-volume production of food, medicine and daily chemical enterprises, and then help the production enterprises to achieve the purpose of high-speed production.



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