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What should I do if the aerosol filling machine is damaged?

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Aerosol filling machine is a machine equipment used to fill objects (medicine, skin care products, etc.) when manufacturing aerosols. Aerosol filling machines have a service life. Proper daily use and routine maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment. The stamping damage of the aerosol filling machine will cause the product to be scrapped, touch up the paint, and increase the company's cost. In order to solve the damage problem of stamping parts, it is necessary to control the mold and the operation method.


Control aerosol filling machine mould:

1. When mold abnormalities are found in the typesetting process, the technical manager should submit the "Equipment/Mold Maintenance Request Form" within 4 hours, and the manager should notify the relevant personnel to confirm the handling method.

2. The warehouse prepares molds two days in advance according to the stamping day plan.

3. When repairing the mold of the Aerosol filling machine, it shall be registered on the "Mold Return Registration Form", and the mold warehouse management personnel shall issue the mold according to the product name.

4. The mechanic returns the mold to the warehouse according to the received mold number. If the mold cannot be returned to the warehouse, the return time should be indicated on the "Mold Return Registration Form".

Operator control of aerosol filling machine:

1. When the mechanic receives an abnormal mold, he should first determine the repairable time of the mold, notify the production team leader, and the team leader will arrange personnel. If the abnormal mode of the machine tool has passed for 2 hours, and the handling is improper, the machine repair supervisor shall report to the machine repair supervisor to deal with it. After 1.5 hours have passed since the machine repair supervisor handled the abnormal mode, the machine repair supervisor reported to the machine repair supervisor to deal with it. Notify the technical manager to deal with;

2. After the customized mold is completed, the mechanic should first reserve a product in the mold cavity, then clean the mold with anti-rust oil, and close the upper and lower molds.

3. After the commissioning is qualified, send the product to the quality department for confirmation. The Quality Department fills in the "Mold First Inspection Record Form", and mass production can only be carried out after the quality control and the production team leader confirm it.

4. When the abnormal Aerosol filling machine mold needs external processing, it will be abnormal after 8 hours. The mold needs to be treated with anti-rust oil, and the "Application Form for Mold Parts Processing" should be filled at the same time.

5. If an abnormality is found in the mold before the material is returned, it should be repaired before being returned to the warehouse.


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