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Where does the oxygen in the plane's oxygen mask come from?

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When an emergency occurs, the oxygen mask will fall off automatically to prevent the loss of pressure and oxygen in the cabin. After getting the oxygen mask, push the button marked "Push" and put on the oxygen mask to provide oxygen for breathing.


However, the oxygen mask is not connected to an oxygen cylinder with an on-off valve, but an "oxygen candle" composed of sodium chlorate, barium peroxide, and potassium chlorate. When the passengers dragged the mask, a very violent chemical process started. Oxygen candles use the oxygen released by the burning of chemical substances as a source of supply. Any chemical substances other than oxygen are filtered out by the mask, and will not stop until all the chemical substances are burned out.

The most obvious of these chemicals is barium peroxide, which is a white powder with two oxygen atoms per barium atom. Heating it to a critical point will decompose oxygen.

One of the main uses of sodium chlorate in life is to be a herbicide. Some people are worried about what will happen to inhaling the herbicide? In fact, there is no need to worry at all. Compared with the chemical salt (sodium chloride) used in the kitchen, the chemical formula of sodium chlorate only has 3 more oxygen atoms. The salt and oxygen produced after the combustion of sodium chlorate. On the plane, oxygen is delivered to the mask through the pipeline for passengers to breathe.

Oxygen candles on airplanes generally last between 12 and 20 minutes. They are not as big and heavy as oxygen cylinders used for diving. Oxygen candles are about the size of a pack of table tennis balls. They are stable and reliable when they burn.

The oxygen in the oxygen mask does not come from an oxygen cylinder, but an oxygen candle. It is not a real candle, but it "glows and heats" at a critical moment.


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