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Which type of vacuum sealing machine is more suitable for you?

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Are you looking for a new vacuum sealing machine? In this guide, this small series of articles will explain the actual functions of these kitchen appliances, how they work, and some functions to pay attention to when choosing kitchen appliances to buy. In addition, the editor also introduced different types of vacuum sealing machines and their most suitable uses.

  Step 1: Do you need a vacuum sealing machine?

  The first thing you may ask when looking at these products is: "Do I need one? Are these machines really useful?" The vacuum sealer is designed to expand the variety of food by removing as much air as possible. The shelf life of food. In addition, they can reduce the freezing damage that foods may suffer after long-term freezing.

  Because most bacteria that cause food spoilage cannot reproduce in an anaerobic or anaerobic environment, the shelf life of food can be greatly extended in a vacuum. However, certain forms of food spoilage bacteria will grow happily in a vacuum environment at room temperature, so vacuum sealing cannot replace refrigerated or frozen food. The manufacturer of the vacuum sealing machine claims that you can extend the shelf life of vacuum-stored food to three to five times that of non-vacuum food. However, the relevant departments have not conducted extensive research on the maximum service life of vacuum-sealed foods, so whether or not you vacuum-sealed foods, we recommend that you follow their food storage guidelines.

  Vacuum sealing machine is a good way to save money by buying a lot of food or to keep seasonal food after the high season, so you can save the perfect ripe berries from the farmers market in summer.

  These products are also good choices for hunting or fishing, allowing you to save a lot of meat and spread it into more manageable parts for consumption in the next few months.

  In addition, you can use these products for other cooking methods, such as vacuum cooking. Now that you understand that the vacuum sealing machine is a good addition to the kitchen, it is time to look at the different types and find out which one is the right choice for you.

Step 2: What type of vacuum sealer should you buy?

   There are currently three main different types of vacuum sealers: handheld, internal and external. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of each type and their most common content, which can help you make the right choice according to your needs and budget.


  Hand-held vacuum sealer is usually the cheapest of the three, but it is also widely accepted and the worst. These devices are installed on special plastic bags or containers, and all air is discharged through the integrated valve. Although these devices are smaller, cheaper and more convenient to operate, they usually have smaller motors and cannot even be evacuated by other types of these products.

   In addition, a large number of users on the Internet complain that this type of bag is difficult to seal, as long as it can solve the smallest movement. In addition, many of these handheld vacuum cleaner series are battery-powered, and there are a lot of reviews complaining that some brands will lose their ability to charge after a small amount of use.

  Internal pumping

   At the other end of the handheld vacuum sealer, the internal vacuum sealer weighs as much as these products. These products are larger, produce a stronger vacuum, and are of course more expensive. These vacuum sealers do not need to evacuate the air from the bag alone, but need to put the bag into the chamber, place the bag on the seal, and then close and lock the entire chamber. Then the air is expelled from the bag and the chamber, and finally the bag is sealed with a heat seal. One of the main advantages of this method is that since there is no pressure difference between the bag and the external space, the liquid can be sealed without freezing the liquid. These machines also seal more bags than other products. If you seal a lot of meat at once, this is the ideal choice, for fanatic foodies, this is the ideal choice.

   However, this type of vacuum sealing machine is usually more expensive than other types of vacuum sealing machine and takes up a lot of space and requires more preventive maintenance, which means that they are not suitable for most people. appropriate.


   External suction type is the most common vacuum sealing machine. This sealing machine is the perfect balance for most people, combining sturdy performance and relatively compact packaging at a reasonable price. These devices use pre-cut or sewn rolls of bag material, and high-end models even have built-in storage and integrated cutters. Many of these products also have accessory ports that are compatible with similar products that use handheld vacuum sealers, or allow you to use appropriate accessories to seal the jar.

  Although these models are usually not as dusty as inside, they are enough to store your food in a new location.


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