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Why do fighter pilots wear oxygen masks?

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When traveling on a civil aircraft, it can be seen that the pilot of the civil aircraft does not have special oxygen supply equipment like the passengers. Only in emergency situations will the emergency oxygen supply equipment be used. But unlike civil aircraft pilots, fighter pilots wear oxygen masks during flight, showing the difference between fighter jet flight and ordinary airplane flight.


The main reasons that fighter pilots need to wear oxygen masks in flight are as follows:

1. Modern fighters operate in a wide range of altitudes. Oxygen masks can meet the needs of fighter pilots for oxygen supply during high-altitude operations. Fighters may fight at low altitudes, but also have many opportunities to fight at high altitudes with hypoxia. To keep the pilots conscious, they need to continue to supply oxygen to the pilots. At the same time, pilots will be subject to greater overload during air combat maneuvers, and their lungs will also be subject to greater pressure, which requires adjustment of the oxygen supply pressure and oxygen supply to the pilot through an oxygen mask. Under normal circumstances, pilots need to improve their anti-hypoxia ability through high-intensity physical training. At the same time, they should wear an oxygen mask when the flight altitude exceeds the standard atmospheric altitude of 4000 meters.

2. Fighters need to perform combat missions, and oxygen masks solve the oxygen demand in the case of accidental loss of pressure in the cockpit. The cockpit of a modern fighter jet is sealed, but during combat, it will inevitably be attacked by enemy air-to-air or ground-to-air weapons. The cockpit may be damaged by the attack, especially when flying at high altitudes. It will endanger the life of the pilot, and it is necessary to use an oxygen mask to ensure continuous oxygen supply.

3. The oxygen mask can guarantee the emergency oxygen supply when the pilot leaves the plane in an emergency. Under normal circumstances, the aircraft supplies oxygen to the pilot through the on-board oxygen supply system. However, during combat or training, in the event of an emergency that is forced to parachute at high altitude, the oxygen supply system on the aircraft will be converted to the oxygen supply system on the ejection seat, and the pilot’s oxygen mask is connected to the ejection seat. The oxygen supply will not be interrupted during emergency departure.


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