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Working principle of oral liquid filling machine

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Oral liquid filling machine is a filling device specially designed for new oral liquid easy-to-pull bottles. The design is reasonable, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and a mechanical bottle-stopping liquid filling device is provided.

    (1) Transmission principle: The power is transmitted by the motor to the worm gear shaft of the reducer through the pulley, and then the worm gear shaft passes through the gears to transmit the power to the dial wheel shaft, the filling part and the capping head. The filling part, capping head and each dial wheel act synchronously, and transmit the power to the bottle-in dial wheel device through the bevel gear.

    (2) The principle of the filling part: the oral liquid bottle is sent from the large dial wheel to the transition wheel, and then from the transition wheel to the synchronous belt. The insert on the synchronous belt drags the bottle to run forward at a uniform speed, filling The needle is inserted into the mouth of the bottle under the control of the tracking mechanism, and runs forward synchronously with the bottle to achieve tracking filling. The dive needle rises with the rise of the liquid level and plays a defoaming role.

   (3) Cover supply system: It is composed of a cover-losing track, a capping head and a capping mechanism. The capping head adopts the principle of electromagnetic spiral oscillation, arranges the messy lids in line, and enters the capping track through the reversing twisting path. When passing the capping mechanism, the cap is hung by the bottle and passed through the capping plate, so that the cap is worn properly.

   (4) Capping head: After the oral liquid bottle is put on the cap and enters the capping head turntable, the three opened cutters will be centered on the bottle and rotate forward with the turntable, pressing the cap under the control of the cam. Under the action of the taper sleeve, the rolling cutter is rolled towards the cover at the same time. After rolling, it leaves the cover and returns to its original position.

   (5) Tracking filling mechanism: the servo motor drives the gear and rack to move, so as to drive the filling needle to reciprocate. By adjusting the relative position of the spray needle rack and the mounting rack, the irrigation needle can be accurately inserted into the middle of the bottle mouth.

     Main application: The filling machine is widely used in various industries such as food, daily chemical, medicine, oil, etc. It can fill different liquid products.


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