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portable oxygen cans is the key to go out

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You may know about oxygen cylinders, but do you know about portable oxygen canss? Because household oxygen machines are only suitable for household use, and some car-mounted oxygen machines can only be cheap when there is electricity, so for some friends who are out, they can’t Do you have to bring an oxygen generator with you? For example, what to do if you are going mountain climbing and lack of oxygen? Portable oxygen cylinders are suitable for use in this environment!

The portable oxygen cans is small in size and can be installed in a larger pocket. It is mainly suitable for use when going out. Its function is the same as our usual household oxygen concentrators. It also supplements oxygen to the human body, but The functions are different. I can only say that each has its own use. If you are going to travel, it will definitely be beneficial to carry it with you. For example, you can use it in some hypoxic areas! Portable oxygen cylinders are used at home! The oxygen machine is also loved by the public!

But if you use it as a daily oxygen supplement, then I advise you to use a home oxygen machine to be more cost-effective, because the oxygen content of the oxygen cylinder is limited. In daily oxygen therapy, you can't say that you use one bottle a day. The cost is too high, and the home oxygen machine is different. As long as you plug it in, it can serve you 24 hours a day.

Therefore, if oxygen is needed when going out, it is more appropriate to use a portable oxygen cans.


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